Instrument Hire

Essex Music Service Instrument Hire Scheme

Instrument Hire Information Sheet

We have a stock of over 2000 high quality instruments which are available to hire for anyone up to age 21 living or studying in Essex. Our hire rates are competitively priced and we offer most common orchestral instruments in addition to electric guitars and keyboards.

Please note that this service gets busy at the beginning of term and extra time should be allowed for delivery. We do not guarantee availability of instruments or delivery dates. There is a £10 per instrument delivery charge for instruments delivered to schools, however if you would like to collect for free from Essex Music Service, then please call us to arrange a time.

Apply for an instrument  |  For queries, email Andy Heard

Below is a list of the instruments which are available to hire:

Instrument Hire (Per Term) Below shows 50% discount on termly hire charge for those with *Tuition Discount
Flute £32.50 £16.25
Oboe £37.50 £18.75
Clarinet £32.50 £16.25
Alto Sax £50 £25
Tenor Sax £50 £25
Bassoon/Mini Bassoon £42.50 £21.25
Trumpet/Cornet £32.50 £16.25
French Horn £37.50 £18.75
Tenor Horn £42.50 £21.25
Bari/Euphonium £45 £22.50
Trombone (tenor only) £32.50 £16.25
Tuba £37.50 £18.75
Violin (all sizes) £18 £9.00
Viola £18 £7.50
Cello (all sizes) £22.50 £11.25
Double Bass (all sizes) £37.50 £18.75
Guitar (all sizes) £12.50 £6.25
Electric/Bass Guitar & Amp £42.50 £21.25
Keyboard £22.50 £11.25
Music Tech Pack £22.50 £11.25

*Details on our financial assistance package offering tuition and instrument hire discount can be found on the hyperlink.

If you need an instrument not listed above please get in touch.

Instrument Size Guide

Several instruments are available in a range of sizes to suit children of different ages and height. Listed on the pages for each instrument are the recommended sizes of string instruments for various age groups and heights as appropriate. These are rough estimates and based on typical sizes for heights for ages. If you have any doubts in sizing please speak with your child’s tutor.

We also hire smaller models of Bassoons, Trombones, French Horns, and several other instruments. As these are often in different keys, or are more simplified versions of larger instruments, it is always worthwhile checking with a tutor first.