We hope you enjoy your newly hired instrument. Please take the time to read this document in order to keep the instrument in its best condition.

Caring for your instrument

Please don’t attempt to assemble your instrument before being shown how to do so by your tutor. Never force parts of your clarinet together, likewise if two parts of your clarinet stick together, never force them apart. Take the instrument to your tutor and if necessary contact Essex Music Services.

After Each Use

Wipe the keys with a clean cloth, then swab out the inside of the clarinet using a woodwind mop. Be sure to clean all sections of the clarinet, removing moisture from the instrument after each use will help to prolong the life of the pads. Always store the clarinet in its case when not being used to prevent risk of damage and prevent tarnishing of the keys.

Periodic Maintenance

Corks should be greased using the provided cork grease, this will keep the instrument from becoming difficult to assemble or from parts sticking together.

Check the mouthpiece for a buildup of dirt and if necessary soak and wash the mouthpiece in water.


The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to the instrument and as a result we recommend taking out insurance. You may be able to insure the instrument under your household policy, alternatively there are many companies specialising in musical instrument insurance.

Damage and Repairs

In the unfortunate event that your instrument is damaged, Essex Music Services should be consulted to seek approval and advice before any repairs are undertaken. The hirer is responsible for any costs incurred to repair the instrument through a result of misuse, accident or neglect. We may either ask to receive the instrument back whilst it is repaired, or alternatively we may be able to recommend a repairer for you to take the instrument to.

Returning your Instrument

Instruments may be returned either by leaving with your school’s reception, or returning in person to us at county hall.
If returning through your school, please notify us once the instrument has been left with reception. If returning in person to county hall, please call or email us to arrange a time beforehand.

Please ensure the instrument is clean and that all accessories that came with the instrument are present to avoid any charges. If any accessories are missing we encourage you to purchase these yourself before returning the instrument.

The accessories included with a clarinet and their respective replacement costs are as follows:-

Cork Grease £1.50

Mouth Piece Cover £2.00

Pull through or Mop £2.00

Lessons and Ensembles

EMS Provide quality music tuition and ensembles to schools and colleges throughout Essex, covering all major orchestral and band instruments and musical styles. Playing or singing together with other people (ensemble) is one of the most exciting and enjoyable musical experiences. We provide a whole range of opportunities for young people of all ages and abilities, covering almost all instruments and voice. Many of our groups offer students the chance to tour in the UK and abroad!

If you’ve never played or sung in a group before, one of our workshops would be a great way to get started. In collaboration with our partners, we offer regular workshops in singing , jazz , strings, wind, brass, guitar, percussion and rock.

If you’re a bit more experienced you could join one of our groups that meet regularly, either monthly or in the school holidays.

Monthly Groups

Essex Youth Jazz Orchestras

Essex Youth String Orchestras

Essex Youth Brass Ensemble

Essex Youth Percussion School

Holiday Groups – For most experienced players

Essex Youth Orchestra

Essex Youth Chamber Orchestra

Essex Young People’s Orchestra

Essex Youth Symphonic Wind Orchestra.