Class of glock players

Develop musicianship by learning to play an instrument as a whole class.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Using funding we receive as the lead partner in Essex Music Hub, our provision is called Play-It! which provides:

  • whole class ensemble teaching for students at Key Stage 1-3
  • high-quality teachers who will develop musical skills that can be applied and developed further in National Curriculum music lessons
  • class sets of instruments where required to support our delivery. Where schools have no instruments, or are looking to try something new, we have class sets of Recorders, Toots, Doods and pTrumpets to hire/loan to schools

Additional benefits of this scheme are the enjoyment it provides to young people and specifically its ability to positively affect the self-worth, the organisational skills, the confidence and the musical development of the children involved.

Many pupils choose to continue learning an instrument after completing our Whole Class Instrumental Programme through our Learn-It! Together, Learn-It! and Band-It! schemes.

Schools can book via this link


What we offer

This provision is for ten sessions of 45 minutes of delivery with your students (maximum of 33 students per class)

  • A specialist music tutor will lead sessions with support from the class teacher
  • A suite of resources to support instrumental learning are available through the Charanga package which all music tutors have access to
  • The provision of instruments to deliver this programme to loan or hire, where required (Please note that availability of instruments is limited)
  • If you have mixed year-group classes (e.g. Year 3 and 4 together) this can be catered for

To support schools to embed musical learning into their curriculum we are offering the following funding options

Key Stage 2 provision

  • 3 terms of Play-It! provision in 1 year group is £710 per class (With Essex Music Education Hub funding one free term)


  • 2 terms of Play-It! provision in 1 year group is £355 per class (Most popular option!)


  • Limited places are available for 1 term of Play it provision in 1 year group fully subsidised by Essex Music Education Hub.

Key Stage 1 and 3 provision

  • £355 per class per term

Please note all whole class instrumental tuition is subsidised and is subject to capacity.  This provision is not PPA and we would expect the class teacher to remain with the students, and to learn the instrument alongside the students.

Schools can book sessions via this link