Support for your School

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Supporting you and your school in your musical journey

Our role is a supportive one. School leadership, curriculum staff in schools and Essex Music Service will work together, with the aim of providing the best music education possible for the children and young people across the county of Essex.

We engage with schools through a framework we call our MIDAS, which stands for Musical Improvement, Development And Support.

We encourage schools to come together locally and share a review of their music provision collectively with other schools, which also enables opportunities of collaboration to be identified locally, and the potential of project work that may benefit may from the delivery the Hub makes in response.

Where there is an identified need, we will also come to a school to carry out a MIDAS visit with the school staff and engage with the school senior leadership.

In both an individual and group MIDAS session, an action plan will be created for the school to work on, with identified areas that Essex Music Service can support the school’s development of their music delivery.

Please contact Essex Music Service to request more information via

Curriculum resources

We provide all schools access to a range of online curriculum resources to support the delivery of high-quality curriculum within each school. For a one-off fee of £125, schools can access:

  • Charanga (Primary and Secondary)
  • Charanga Yumu (Primary and Secondary)
  • Focus on Sound (Secondary)
  • Discounted access to Sing Up

The majority of schools in Essex already subscribe to this service, but should you wish to find out more please contact us at