Young musicians rehearsing

Have you got the next Essex rock star in your school?

Take a group of 4 to 6 students, given them the instruments they need alongside a specialist tutor and watch them rock!

Designed for KS2 and KS3 students, our popular Band-It! provision develops students’ musical ability within a band setting while learning popular genres and covering well-known songs.


Essex Music Service provides all instruments and equipment to the school on a free loan, remaining on site for the duration of delivery for students to practise in-between sessions.

The equipment provided includes an electric drum-kit, a PA and microphones, a bass guitar and amp, two electric guitars and amps, and a keyboard.

This will provide enough equipment for up to 6 players, and most bands will be delivered with 5 students within a band.

Minimum requirements

At least 4 players per band, and a minimum of 3 viable bands per school.


The delivery takes place in 10×30 min group sessions per term.


£65 per student participating.

Please contact Essex Music Service to request more information or to book this provision for your school via