Our Community Music Centres inspire young minds to explore music in the most practical way; experimenting with different instruments, through singing and fun music games.  For just £5 per week, your child can delve into a world of musical discovery.

Many of our Community Music Centres offer classes specifically design to spark interest in music from as young as 5.  At Colchester Community Music Centre (Colchester CMC), Key stage 1 and 2 children can choose from a menu of classes which include: Orchestral Experience, Junior Impact, Under 8s voices (5-7), Young Voices (7-11), Fun Glee, African Drumming, beginner musicianship classes and more.

As Music Leader, John Malam says: “The main aim of the Orchestral Experience is to give a practical introduction for the children to experiment and give them the opportunity to take lessons on an orchestral instrument of their choice.  This can be flexible; meaning they can try a different instrument each term.  It’s very important for the children to enjoy and not feel too challenged as this could have an adverse effect. Repetition is also important, involving playing and learning chosen pieces to meet all abilities.  The most important aspect is for the children to have an enjoyable experience which will encourage them to pursue playing a musical instrument”.

The music centre has a selection of instruments which children can borrow for free whilst attending this class which means that they can take some time choosing the right instrument for them based on the real experience of playing it.

Chloe, aged 10, takes part in a variety of music groups at Colchester CMC.  As her mother says: “Her favourite is orchestral experience as she says it’s at her level (beginner).  She also likes the fact that there are children more advanced than her to help her out if she gets stuck.  Chloe started when she was 9 and has musicianship, orchestral experience and junior wind band on clarinet, african drumming, percussion group, samba and choir.  She’s always talking about someone who played something in an ensemble really well and will often come home and practise for longer trying to play what she heard”.

Other Music Centres also offer bespoke packages for key stage 2 children which include the free loan of an instrument: at Benfleet you can join their Toots and Doods programme; at Harlow a Scratch band experience, at Maldon a Fife club and at Wickford a Doods club.

For further info on all of our Community Music Centres in Essex please check out our website: