Next Steps after Play-It!

So you’ve been learning an instrument in your classroom – what next?


1.You may be able to continue learning an instrument in your school

Speak to your school office or visit our website to find out what lessons are offered within your school and what availability is to join.

Beginners tend to work best either learning in small groups with others or with a short individual lesson.

Essex Music Service have tutors working in over 300 schools in Essex. If your school is one them, we also offer financial assistance and instrument hire.

However, not all schools are able to offer lessons during the school day.


2. You could attend one of our Community Music Centres

This might work well if your school does not offer lessons or you are interested in learning an instrument that is not currently taught at your school.

Our Music Schools and Centres operate in every district in Essex and offer the chance to learn an instrument as well as participate in bands, choirs and group music making. You can filter this web page by genre, instrument and location.

In Harlow and Colchester we offer a fantastic Junior Music Programme that is natural next step after a term of instrumental tuition in class. This will offer your child the chance to continue learning an instrument as well as participate in some drumming, singing and general musicianship. Look out for Harlow Juniors and Colchester Juniors to sign up!


3. You might enjoy having online instrument lessons

We offer out of school hours online lessons via Zoom. This may suit you if you do not live close to one of our Music Centres or it is more convenient to learn from home. You can register for online lessons on our website.


Financial Assistance

However you choose to learn, Essex Music Service can offer over 60% music tuition discount for families on low incomes and free lessons for children who are looked after.  We also offer a low cost Instrument Hire Scheme.


In time you may want to consider joining one of our County Music Groups.