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Free regular music tuition has been made possible by funding from the Virtual School

For schools to be eligible for additional musical intervention funding, they must have at least one student who is:

  • A Looked After Child within Essex
  • Post Looked After or Adopted
  • A child who has (or has ever had) a Social Worker

Schools can select from a number of high-quality musical opportunities listed below:

Workshops – one-day immersive musical workshop with the LAC’s cohort of children, such as Drum It!, DJ Taster, Music Production (KS3+), Rap It!, Sing It! and Create-it!

Nurture Groups – student-led groups developing musicianship alongside social, personal and emotional skills. Groups sizes are usually three to five students including at least one eligible child. This is done in a nurturing environment where students look to develop resilience and a sense of urgency over what they are doing.

Whole Class Tuition – a term of tuition for classes with LAC students playing ukulele, recorder or our new Toots and Doods (beginner flute and clarinets). These sessions last ten weeks, with forty-five minute sessions by one of our tutors. Play It! is primarily aimed at KS2 students but can be adapted for other age groups. If you have a class set of instruments already in your school, you may be able to use these as well.

Small Group Tuition (beginners) – a ten-week programme of a thirty minute group of four to six children learning an instrument together, such as, guitar, woodwind, strings or brass. Learning in a group is a great way to start the instrumental learning journey and could lead to more music making in your school.

Individual interventions – where none of the above are appropriate we offer a tailor-made option for individual eligible students. A one-off intervention might include attendance at summer holiday provision, one-to-one music mentoring, rap, song writing, music tech, etc.

Apply now!

We have a limited number of interventions each term and we need to allocate these fairly. If we are unable to offer you the intervention you would like, we may suggest pre-booking something for a following term or contacting you about alternative options.

If any of these opportunities are of interest to you, we are very keen to hear from you and get the best offer available to your school. Please complete this short form https://forms.office.com/e/s5dRS0Sj0S  to apply for the funding.