We are delighted to offer a FREE 4-week Music for Wellbeing to vulnerable groups of students in your school. Virtual 45-minute sessions will be delivered weekly into your classroom over 4 weeks focusing on a choice of Songwriting, Drumming or Music technology. Available at primary or secondary, the sessions are all aimed at improving the wellbeing and creative engagement in the classroom.

Essex Music Service is grateful for the funding provided by Youth Music enabling this programme to be made available to students in Essex schools. 

Why should you take up this offer?

The most recent lockdown has had a huge impact on young people’s wellbeing and desire to engage with learning. This has particularly impacted already vulnerable students. Music can have a uniquely positive impact on children’s wellbeing by being a fun, creative medium in which they can engage from a level playing field. 

The programme supports the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum in school and is targeted at classes where you have particularly vulnerable or challenging students.

Through the work, we will be looking to measure progress (and will ask for feedback) against the following outcomes for students:

  1. Increased musical skill, knowledge and understanding in young people.
  2. Young people develop resilience through music making activity

We will also collaborate with you to understand how the positive achievements of the music sessions can enable positive change in the young person’s wider education.

What does it look like in practice?

The work will take place virtually over 4 x weekly 30-minute sessions. It can be delivered to a whole class, or a smaller group of vulnerable students as appropriate. The funding is aimed at vulnerable students or those whose wellbeing has been impacted. You have the option of choosing between:

  • Songwriting for wellbeing – write a simple song as a class!
  • Drumming for wellbeing – body percussion, rhythms and drumming patterns!
  • Music Technology – create your own track or beats with free online software!

Content will be guided by the interests and skills level of the group. For Music Technology, we can provide log ins to the students (primary or secondary) provided the school has our eLearning package.

We can set the virtual sessions up on TEAMS or our tutors can deliver via your preferred online learning platform. The sessions can either be aimed at only those in school or be offered to those still learning at home. We aim to start these sessions from the week commencing 1st March 2021 and intend to fit 4 sessions in before the Easter holidays.


To get started with these free sessions, simply email musichub@essex.gov.uk including:

  • Your school name
  • Lead contact for the school and their contact details
  • Year groups that would be interested and number of classes in that year group
  • The programme you would like (drumming/song writing/music tech)
  • Which days of the week/times work best for you

We will get a tutor matched ASAP and get music back into your classroom!