Get singing!

Essex Music Service offers a range of singing opportunities out of school for young people across a wide range of genres!

Have you had some experience or are just excited to get involved?

Come and sing at one or more of our exciting new singing opportunities. Our singing programme is aimed at anyone from 7 to 18 years old, and we have opportunities for everyone!

What’s on offer?

We’ve spent time with our young people as part of our Youth Voice consultations, and created a programme in line with what our young people want – a range of genres, styles, and focussing on good singing, vocal health, and singing with others!

Coming up next:

Summer 2024: Music Theatre Non-residential

  • What is it? A two-day course of music theatre singing
  • Who is it for? An open workshop for anyone from Year 3 to 13 (we will split into age appropriate groups)
  • When is it? 29-30 July 2024
  • Where is it? Location to be confirmed
  • How much is it? £50.00
  • How do I register? Click here

 What have the singers done so far?

Our 2023-24 programme, designed by our young people, has included:

  • October 2023: Vocal Workshop with leading vocal specialist Charles MacDougall on Sunday 8 October
  • November 2023: Vocal Workshop with leading vocalists and performers Randolph Matthews and Emma Sweeney on Sunday 26 November
  • February 2024: Vocal Workshop with our Gabrieli ROAR friends Emily Dickens and Tom Appleton on Monday 19 February



Young singers
Contact Beverley Heard (Music Ensembles Lead Officer)
Phone 0333 013 8953
Location county hall
Instruments Vocal Group
Genre Mixed
Level Intermediate, Advanced