Free opportunity for your students to sing alongside a full live orchestra and also enjoy Free Workshop!

We are delighted to invite your young people to come and sing within a performance we are hosting in Chelmsford Cathedral at 7pm on Saturday 30 June 2018 as part of our Youth Music festival.

Essex-based composer Phil Toms has written a piece of music which is 45 minutes in length which tells the story of the residents of an Island who live together, have a conflict, and then is brought to a resolution. This has already been performed once before in Ely Cathedral which was a huge success. This is a chance for Essex young people to engage in this brilliant piece. To see the Ely Cathedral performance – please visit the following website,

In Essex, we are delighted that both our youth orchestra’s will combine to perform this piece, and we are looking for primary school students to come together and form the large choir that represents the residents of the island.

Year 5 is the targeted year, but there is some flexibility around the age of the students that engage. There is no need for anyone to be able to read music, just an enjoyment for singing, and a desire to sing on a bigger occasion. We are looking for up to 150 young people to participate. These places are on a first-come-first-serve bases.

Any school willing to take part in this project will receive FREE workshops within their school to ensure that students are aware of the songs that they need to sing (there are not too many songs!) Workshops can be for large groups of students, and it is anticipated that each school would need 2 workshops of a couple of hours.

We would require schools to provide an approximate number of students who will attend, and we would expect at least one member of school staff to support the performance on the day. Being aware that the performance day is Saturday 30 June, we have made sure there is no other costs for the school.

If you would like your young people to participate in this project, please contact me and I will co-ordinate your school workshops and deal with any arising questions.

Please email to register your interest by 10am on May 9 at 5pm?