Rap-It! workshops introduce pupils to the world of rap, hip-hop, grime and spoken word. These sessions are a perfect way to develop confidence in pupils, enhance and link to the music curriculum, and explore, and creative literacy.

As well as performing and talking about their craft, our rap tutors will also support pupils to find their own voice in the style. The exact format of the day will depend on the needs of the school. It could be a presentation to a year group, more hands-on workshops with smaller groups, or a bit of both!

Rap-It! workshops are also a fantastic way to introduce our VIP Studio Sessions software package in schools, and our tutors are trained on how to use this software and can engage your young people within it during the workshop.

Hear about workshops recently delivered by Kenny Baraka….

“Thanks so much for arranging for Kenny to come in. It was by far the most engaging workshop we’ve ever had! I definitely want to book him again at some point. By break time the students had heard how good it was and were queuing up at my door asking to join, but I think the 29 students we had was already enough! The workshop inspired pupils to become song writers and work in the music industry.” Mark Hall Academy,  Harlow

“This is the best day I’ve had at school!  Can we do this every Thursday?” Student at Mark Hall Academy, Harlow

“It’s a great way to engage all students on all levels and abilities as it is something that they can all access. They all keep asking when Kenny is coming back and some children have even gone home and written their own raps. They thoroughly enjoyed this session and they look forward to producing their own for their Christmas Carol concert.” North Primary, Colchester.

“The children really enjoyed the workshop and Kenny was an excellent visitor and role model. The children have said they really enjoyed his delivery of the session and how he made it fun. They also enjoyed his use of humour in the rap itself.” St John’s Buckhurst Hill