A Create-It! booking will result in an original song being written for your whole school, by your pupils!

By the end of the day your school will have a recording of its own unique song that you can use on your website and at events.

The song can be about any aspect of school life, from embodying your school motto or community, to covering any part of the curriculum that is suitable. It also can be a superb way to launch a choir within your school.

A typical Create-It!

8:30 – arrive and setup
9 – 11 – working with 30 selected students to write your song lyrics
11 – 12 – create the melodies and overall structure of the song
12 – 1 – lunch
1 – 2 – rehearse the song with selected students
2 – 3 – record the entire song with selected students

Each Create-It! day is flexible and will fit around your needs, but the above is given as a suggested approach. Please contact us to discuss further if you are interested in a Create-It! day in your school.