RAP – a different kind of music tuition in Essex schools

Hip Hop, like all music, can radically change lives – it helps awaken determination and creativity via music. Our music provision has recently extended to delivering Rap.

What is RAP? (Rhythm And Poetry)

It is a style of popular music, developed by disc jockeys of US Black origin developed in the 1970s. It is a musical form of vocal delivery that includes rhythmic speech and street vernacular often with a recurring background beat.

The aim of the Rap Workshops …

To get students engaged in music who may have little to no interest in traditional or classical music.

Before any Teaching of any rap begins, the main priority is to get students to realise they have unlimited potential. It aims to challenge music ideas and value their creativity.

The creation of RAP music will be the main focus, as hip-hop leads to discussion on modern history, social dynamics, globalisation, art and more.

The work aims to create an individual sound, style and take the students outside of their comfort zone with new ideas to build creativity and confidence.

Our Workshops

The aim is for our workshops to introduce pupils to the world of rap, hip-hop, grime and spoken word

If you would like more information or for any enquiries, please telephone  0333 0138953 or email  music@essex.gov.uk