Children playing wind instruments

What is Play-It!?

Play-It! compliments the music provision in your school. Primarily aimed at Key Stage 2 students, we send in one of our specialist tutors to teach whole classes for 45 minutes at ten weeks per term. All tutors have been assessed by an external body to ensure the very highest quality of teaching and learning within the classroom. We have a free offer of one term per school, and provide Play-It! Again as a follow on to this provision.

We carefully match tutor to school, instrument and timetable requirements. The sooner we hear from schools, and the more flexible they can be with timetabling, the easier it is to fulfil their request. If you have particular requirements, you will be able to let us know these once you have booked the provision from us.

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Play-It! was once known as First Access, WCIT (Whole Class Instrumental Teaching), and Wider Opportunities.

Why use Play-It!?

Our Play-It! programme is designed to help you create and improve the musical culture within your school. It compliments your classroom music teaching, involves whole classes, and is the first step in leading to Learn-It!, the creation of music groups in your school, engagement with our county music groups, and opens up the possibilities of the benefits of music to all young people.

Before the half-term break of the term delivered in, our tutor will have a letter to send to parents through the school that advertises the progression routes available from their child having attended Play-It!, so as to encourage your students and parents in being involved in the development of their school’s musical life.

What instruments do you offer?

We usually offer tuition in instruments that the school owns, or has access to, such as djembe (African drums), or full sets of brass instruments.

Those schools where there is nothing available to use, we have a limited number of class sets of instruments which include violins, P-trumpets, Toots and Doods, which would be provided on a free hire agreement for the duration of the delivery of all our Play-it! provision, subject to availability. If schools wish to continue to use the set of instruments beyond the programme, they are able to pay a small hire charge or can be supported to purchase their own set. Alternatively, individual students could either purchase their own, or use our Instrument Hire Scheme.