Woman and girl with violin

What is Play-It! Again?

Play-It! Again is the next step in your children’s instrumental learning, and follows on from the free provision offered in Play-It!. Play-It! Again can be purchased into your school for one or two additional terms within the academic year, and can continue to focus on the same instrument, or can introduce other instruments into the education of the children.

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Play-It! was once known as First Access, WCIT (Whole Class Instrumental Teaching), and Wider Opportunities.


Having started their musical journey with Play-It!, your students can further their progression with our specialist tutor using Charanga’s award-winning e-learning resources. This is a great way to further your students’ musical knowledge, as well as enriching and enhancing your school’s musical atmosphere. Often this will lead to students taking up small group tuition in Learn-It! or ensembles within the school. Each term of tuition concludes with a performance for parents.

Other Year Groups

For those schools who choose to invest in their students’ music education, we are able to offer Play-It! at a subsidised rate for other classes and year groups in your school, for KS1, KS2 and from 2019, KS3. You can offer different instruments to different year groups, build up music groups, and truly enrich your school’s musical culture.