School Ensembles/Music Clubs

As part of enriching your school’s musical life, we have a team of tutors who have undergone specialist training in recruiting, organising and running ensembles/music clubs.

These ensembles may be traditional – wind bands, jazz groups, flute groups, choirs – or they may be of mixed ability and/or age as part of an inclusive approach to allow opportunities for your students having 1-to-1 or small group/paired lessons to make music alongside their peers.

Our tutors have been trained to adopt an inclusive, positive approach which encourages beginners and stretches more advanced students. We our specialist ensembles tutors an enhanced rate based on their training, although we charge the school just the usual hourly rate (as for 1-to-1 and small group/paired lessons).

We are happy to work with your school and what you have to enhance your school’s music, and create exciting opportunities for your students!

Book one of our tutors or enquire further about setting up ensembles/music clubs in your school.