Band - young people

Small group Rock and Pop tuition in your school.

Band-It! is a new offer, most appropriate for KS2 and KS3, which allows your students to come together and engage in instrumental learning in a band setting, learning popular genres and covering well-known songs. The delivery takes place in 10×30 min group sessions per term.

Throughout this provision, all instruments and equipment are provided to the school on a free loan and will remain on site for the duration of delivery for students to practise in-between sessions. The equipment provided includes an electric drum-kit, a PA and microphones, a bass guitar and amp, two electric guitars and amps and a keyboard. This will provide enough equipment for up to 6 players, and most bands will be delivered with 5 students within a band. There is a minimum of 4 players needed in a band for this provision to be delivered in any school setting, and a minimum of 3 viable bands for us to invest in your school setting.

The assigned tutor will liaise with the school to setup an end of term performance to feature and celebrate the musical talents that the young people of your school have developed. This will offer you a fantastic opportunity to involve your community in the musical life of the school.

For an entire term of Band-It! the cost is only £55 per student, £27.50 for those with tuition discount, and completely free for looked after children. This is a great way of introducing instrumental learning at an affordable level within your school and fostering a love of performing music within your students. Apply for Band-It! now.

As this is a new offer, provision is initially limited so please ensure you register your schools interest in this provision via the Book-It! form early to avoid disappointment.

How to set this up within your school

  1. Complete the Book-It! form online
  2. A tutor will be put in touch with you, and will come and deliver an assembly to your students – there is no cost to the school for this
  3. Send out the attached Band-It! letter this will need amended to be appropriate for each school setting
  4. Confirm with us the returns you have received
  5. We will send your school the equipment, setup the bands and send a confirmation letter to students confirming deliver dates and times for each term