Essex Music Service has a team of over 300 music tutors, delivering individual and small group instrumental lessons to students in schools throughout Essex. Any instrument can be catered for, with lessons currently being provided on all orchestral instruments, guitar, keyboard and voice. In addition to these lessons, many key stage 2 students receive whole class instrumental lessons through the Music Service’s ‘first access’ programme.

Students are encouraged to further their instrumental skills at one of the weekly music schools hosted around the county where players can develop ensemble skills, meet other like-minded musicians and take part in regular performing opportunities. For more information, please view the ‘ensembles’ and ‘Music Schools’ area on the homepage.

Teachers are encouraged to enter pupils for instrumental exams providing pupils, parents and schools with recognised accreditation. Schools are provided on request with a termly report for each student, providing value feedback and targets for parents and students.

The Music Service can offer quality assurance through its programme of continual professional development and monitoring for all staff. Staff work within statutory guidelines set out by the local authority.

For more details on putting Instrumental Lessons into your school, please email