First Access Offer

  • 10 x lessons (one term) at no charge to the school (free for schools with KS2 only, KS1 schools may buy in this provision at the usual charge).
  • 45mins for each class in a year group (usually year 4) PLUS 15mins preparation time paid per class to the tutor.
  • All tutors delivering this work will have been assessed by an external body to ensure that all schools receive the very highest quality of teaching and learning within the classroom.
  • Schools who want to continue First Access for two or three terms can do so at a heavily subsidised rate (just under 25%).
  • A fund to match-fund school investment in class sets of instruments. (Please see the ‘Music Improvement, Development and Support’ section of the website)

First Access Specialist Tutor training

In July we offered a ground-breaking training programme for all tutors who had the desire to deliver First Access from September 2016, or already had experience of delivering this work for us.

The course was delivered by an impressive range of sector-leading organisations and individuals and included:

  • Classroom and behaviour management.
  • How to engage teachers and support staff.
  • How to use digital resources to support delivery.
  • How to incorporate singing, body percussion and vocals into sessions.
  • Planning for different abilities and learning styles.
  • Creating effective programmes of work.
  • Differentiation.
  • How to engage all participants.
  • Disability awareness.
  • Running First Access in a SEND-setting.

We hope that this will create a highly-trained team of workers, increasing the confidence and ambition of both existing and new FA tutors. What this does not replace is the support that each school can give to each of our visiting peripatetic music tutors to familiarise our workforce with the policies and procedures of the school as well as sharing information on the groups that our staff will be working with. We will also continue to strongly recommend that class teachers to be present in lessons to support learning and classroom management, but also to learn the instrument alongside their class as part of their Continuing Professional Development.

First Access Free Term Request Form


 Autumn Spring Summer

A single type of instrument is perfectly acceptable. For classroom percussion, don’t trouble to list instruments separately, but do state how many tuned and untuned instruments are available. For Samba/African sets etc., please state the number of players.

If you do not already have instruments in school, we will allocate enough descant recorders for every child.

 Yes No

Termly cost, subject to confirmation: £70.00 for an extra 15 mins per week; £140 for an extra 30 mins per week. Other options are also available.

Contact Details

(usually the class teacher or music co-ordinator)


If you wish to take up the offer later in the year, please contact us in the first instance to register your interest, as it may prove difficult sourcing a tutor at a later stage.