5 Live
5live brochure 2016-17

5live are a Wind Quintet whose aim is to introduce Primary school children to traditional woodwind instruments through a 45-minute performance involving the key elements of music: pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and texture which are explored through the different genres: baroque, classical, jazz, pop and contemporary music. We recommend it for Years 3, 4 and 5.



The performance is followed by an Instrument Zoo where all the young people get to try the instruments they have seen in the performance: flute, oboe, bassoon, french horn and clarinet

5Live also offer a slightly longer and more in-depth performance for key stage 3.

We launched our 5live Project at the end of the summer term 2014 and it has been a huge success. Essex Music Services has funded us which includes a small contribution coming from each school we visit for 2016/17. This will be invoiced to you after our workshop.


Morning Session –  £120 (45-minute performance and max 5 classes for Instrument Zoo)

Afternoon Session – £100 (45-minute performance plus max 4 classes for Instrument Zoo)

All Day Session – £180 (45-minute performance plus max 10 classes for Instrument Zoo)

The members of 5live are all experienced musicians, teachers and performers who are passionate about every child’’s right to have the opportunity to hear professional musicians and to have the opportunity to learn an instrument.

Our experience is that less children are opting to take up traditional wind instruments e.g. Flute, clarinet, oboe and bassoon and we want to raise the profile of these instruments through this exciting performance.

To discuss details or to arrange a visit, please email: fivelivequintet@gmail.com