5 Live
5live brochure 2016-17

5live is a Wind Quintet whose aim is to introduce  school children to traditional woodwind instruments through a 45-minute performance.


“What a treat for a Monday Morning.  I think you definitely raised the profile of these instruments today.The children really enjoyed their introduced to traditional woodwind instruments and loved hearing about the flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and French horn. The 45 minute concert was entertaining and informative and the instrument zoo was readily received by our pupils who had a great time trying out the different instruments. said Headteacher, Roach Vale Primary School, Colchester following a recent visit by 5Live

 5Live perform on  flute, oboe, bassoon, french horn and clarinet

5Live’s aim is to raise the profile of the above wind instruments through:-

  • its exciting 45-minute performance
  • encourage children to learn about the instruments

Through a 45-minute performance, the musicians create awareness of the key elements of music:-

  • pulse
  • rhythm
  • pitch
  • dynamics
  • texture

Explored through the different genres of:-

  • baroque
  • classical
  • jazz
  • pop
  • contemporary music.

5Live recommend the above for Years 3, 4 and 5

Instrument Zoo – following the 45-minute performance there is an Instrument Zoo where all the young people get to try the instruments they have seen in the performance

5Live also offer a slightly longer and more in-depth performance for key stage 3.

About 5Live – launched in the Summer of 2014, the 5live Project it has been a huge success in Primary Schools. The members of 5live are all experienced musicians, teachers and performers. They are all  passionate about every child”s right to have the opportunity to hear professional musicians and to have the opportunity to learn an instrument.

To discuss details or to arrange a visit, please email: mailto:Liz.Leatherdale@essex.gov.uk