SCHOOL GROUND SOUNDS – are looking for songwriters aged 11 – 18 years old based London. Competition closes 30 April 2018.

2018 Songwriting Competition – Things to remember

  • The competition is for 11-18 year olds from London
  • We will only accept completely original material (No covers or existing backing tracks)
  • The track must be of decent quality recording and accompanied by at least one instrument or backing track.
  • You will be in a stronger position if your song has a clear structure i.e. verse / pre chorus/ chorus / bridge etc.
  • Lyrical content must not glorify anything that could be deemed inappropriate ie. violence, sexism, prejudice, exploitation, racism or offensive language.


  • Feedback from our panel of industry professionals.
  • An Orbitsound bluetooth speaker for the winner and 4 runners up.
  • Studio time at Raw Material.
  • The opportunity to perform at our 2018 Summer Showcase.

Enter here:

FACT Music-making has been linked to benefits in many areas of school life, from academic achievement to improved personal and social development. Yet far too many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are unable to fulfil their musical talent, unnecessarily restricting their life chances. School Ground Sounds want to change that.

WHO SCHOOL GROUND SOUNDS? School Ground Sounds works with secondary schools and young people in lower income areas of London to provide additional music opportunities and to enhance their music education. The programme of activities currently includes:

  1. Recording Studio Experience (ages 11-24).
  2. A 1-1 Music Mentoring Programme (ages 16-24)
  3. The Grit School (6-week industry crash-course, ages 16-24)
  4. Songwriting Competitions (ages 11-18)