During our last session together, we were joined by Shelly from Sing up and Mark from Charanga to see how some of the elements of the e-learning package work together to support the delivery of music in a primary setting.  On their own, these packages provide great support to schools in the delivery of high-class music education and are packed with tools and ideas that are ready to use.  Used together, the options for flexible curriculum deliver become even stronger.  It was great to see the developments that will soon be launched on both platforms, and I am sure there will be lots for us to explore over the coming year.

For those schools wishing to sign up to sing up for the next academic year, now is the perfect time to do so.  We will keep an eye on applications over the summer and pass them on to Sing Up HQ ready to launch singing back into schools in a big way next year.  The repertoire on the site covers all areas of primary life and is a pleasure to delve into.Charanga will be releasing their new musical school scheme very shortly and I know many of you are looking forward to seeing the new plans so that you can prepare for the new academic year.  Progression grids and musical content for the new units is now available within Charanga for you to explore.

Any questions on above, please contact Sarah Goldsmith, Schools Music Curriculum Officer