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Our provision is for those aged 5 – 18, although we can accept children who are 4 who turn 5 during that academic year. In certain situations where we have tutors who specialise in teaching Early Years music, we can offer tuition for younger children with the agreement of tutor, parent and school.

Learn-It! 1-to-1 Instrumental Tuition

This is the type of teaching many of us are familiar with – a child has tuition with a teacher in an instrument at school. Often this will include taking music grades, but the purpose is to encourage your child to develop their musical potential with one of our skilled tutors. Our suggested lesson lengths range from 15 minutes for beginners, 20 minutes for intermediate level, moving up to 30 minutes or more for more advanced students.

Small group/Paired lessons

Sometimes, going straight into 1-to-1 tuition might prove a step too big for some students, or the financial outlay can seem suddenly quite large. To help with that, we run small group/paired lessons of two or three students per lesson, where you pay for what your child has – a 20-minute lesson for two students would mean you pay for 10 minutes each.

Prices and Payments

Our in-school hourly rate of tuition (September 2021 – July 2022) is £31.60

There are 10 weeks of lessons each school term ie 30 lessons for an academic year. If there is a Music Tuition Discount in place the lesson costs are 66% less and are shown in brackets.

  • Shared lessons for 20-minutes for two @ £52.67 per student (£17.91)
  • 15 minute individual lessons @ £79.00 (£26.86)
  • 20 minutes individual lessons @ £105.33 (£35.81)
  • 30 minute individual lessons @ £158.00   (£53.72)

NB: Music Tuition Discount covers costs of lessons for one instrument/voice lessons.  If another instrument/voice lessons are booked the costs will be the the standard price.  Please see Financial Support section below for more details on these discounts.

For schools registered for Direct Parent Billing with us, you will receive an invoice via email for payment in advance of lessons starting as stated in the letter sent out by your school. For all other schools, you should pay your school as directed.

Financial support

We run a special scheme for families on low incomes, who may be eligible for our music tuition discount. We also have discounts and schemes for Looked After Children in partnership with Essex Virtual School, and provide an assisted instrument purchase scheme – please contact us for more information of this.

We also provide tuition in a range of area-based Essex Music Schools, which are held outside of the normal school day during evening and weekends, as well as Community Music Centres in each county district for group music making.