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We are delighted to announce that from September we will be opening Essex Music Schools offering out-of-school hours teaching in conjunction with your local secondary school

Join an Essex Music School near you!

Our Essex Music Schools are hosted by a local secondary school and offer tuition and music provision as part of their engagement with feeder primary schools and the local community.
This provides a great opportunity for younger students to become familiar with their future secondary school, be part of a busy and thriving music department with other students, and make that transition from Year 6 to Year 7 much easier. For older students they get to share their musical learning with their peers from across the area.

Learn-It! 1-to-1 Instrumental Tuition

This is the type of teaching many of us are familiar with – a child has tuition with a teacher in an instrument at school. Often this will include taking music grades, but the purpose is to encourage your child to develop their musical potential with one of our skilled tutors.
Our suggested lesson lengths range from 15 minutes for beginners, 20 minutes for intermediate level, moving up to 30 minutes or more for more advanced students.

Small group/Paired lessons

Sometimes, going straight into 1-to-1 tuition might prove a step too big for some students, or the financial outlay can seem suddenly quite large. To help with that, we run small group/paired lessons of two or three students per lesson, where you pay for what your child has – a 20-minute lesson for two students would mean you pay for 10 minutes each.


The out-of-school rate is slightly higher and those funds are reinvested in the Music School’s provision. If your chosen Music School does not offer the instrument you require, we will put you in touch with the nearest Music School that does. There are 10 weeks of lessons each school term / 30 lessons for an academic year. Once you have registered, your child will be assigned to the most appropriate tutor and then you will receive an invoice by email for payment in advance of lessons starting.

Packages of 10 lessons per term are available:

  • Small Group Beginner lessons (joining a group of 6-10 students) @ £30.00
  • 15-minute individual lessons @ £85.00
  • 20-minute individual lessons @ £110.00
  • 30-minute individual lessons @ £165.00
  • 45-minute individual lessons @ £245.00
  • 60-minute individual lessons @ £305.00

 Financial support

We run a special scheme for families on low incomes, who may be eligible for our music tuition discount. We also have discounts and schemes for Looked After Children in partnership with Essex Virtual School, and provide an assisted instrument purchase scheme – please contact us for more information of this.

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Zoom in on the map above to find your Essex Music School – they are indicated by a colourful piano! Our Community Music Centres are indicated by a white quaver on a black background – then simply click on the link of your chosen School to see their provision. You can change the view by clicking on the arrow on the top left of the map.

We will be opening up further Music Schools and Centres across the County throughout the 2021-22 Academic Year. A small number of our Essex Music Schools are also Community Music Centres, meaning your child can combine their activity within one setting, which have both a quaver and a piano on the map.