Tuition Discount

Essex Music Services offer a discount scheme to enable all students to access music tuition.

For further information regarding tuition discount please see below or email Essex Music Education Hub or telephone 0333 0321351 or to apply online. Am I entitled to Music Tuition Discount?
  • If you are currently in receipt of Jobseeker's Allowance, Income Support or Working Tax Credit/Child Tax Credit (subject to certain criteria), then you may be entitled to and should apply for Instrumental Tuition Discount. Discretionary awards are also made to people in receipt of equivalent benefits.
  • We have allocated an amount of money to be spent on Tuition Discount, which we think should cover the demand for tuition (£50.00 per child per term). However if demand exceeds the available budget, new applicants will be placed on a waiting list.
What happens if my circumstances change?
  • Tuition Discounts are issued yearly. You can carry on using the voucher for the year up to the end of the Summer Term, but if your income increases above the limit you may not get further help.
How much is the Tuition Discount worth?
  • In-school discount is a maximum of £50.00 (£50.75 from 1st April 2019) - based on 66% of the cost of a 15 minute individual lesson for 10 weeks.
  • Community Music Centres discount is 66% of the tuition cost at the Community Music Centre
  • Each term you will be responsible for paying the difference between the discount and the actual costs of the tuition received.

Looked after Children/Children-in-Care

In partnership with Essex Virtual School, we have secured funding to offer the full cost of 10 x 15 minutes of tuition per term. The funding also supports on-going free instrument hire, subject to the availability of the instrument required. Please apply through the same application form above as well as downloading and completing the additional form linked below. Apply here