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Essex Music Services offer a voucher scheme to enable all students to access instrumental tuition.

For further information regarding vouchers please see below or email or telephone 0333 0321351 or to apply online HERE.

Am I Entitled to Instrumental Tuition Discount?

If you are currently in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support or Working Tax Credit/Child Tax Credit (subject to certain criteria), then you may be entitled to and should apply for Instrumental Tuition Discount. Discretionary awards are also made to people in receipt of equivalent benefits.

Am I guaranteed to receive the discount, so long I am receiving one of those benefits?

We have allocated an amount of money to be spent on Tuition Discount, which we think should cover the demand for tuition (£50.00 per child per term). However if demand exceeds the available budget, new applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

What happens if my circumstances change?

Tuition Discounts are issued yearly, to be used at the rate of £50.00 per term. You can carry on using the voucher for the year up to the end of Spring Term (Easter), but if, during that year, your income increases above the limit, you may not get further help.

How much is the Tuition Discount worth?

Each discount is worth a maximum of £50.00 That represents around 66% of the cost of a 15 minute individual lesson, for 10 weeks. We can issue the discount for the year, so long as the student is attending regularly and is making sufficient progress. Each term, you will need to pay the difference between the discount and the charge made by the school. Music School students are entitled to £80.00 Vouchers (to cover the higher costs), but the Music School must be named on the application form.

Where can I use the Tuition Discount?

You can use the Tuition Discount as part payment for Instrumental and Vocal Tuition in any school or Music School for tuition within Essex Music Services tutors. The Tuition Discount are not valid for use with Private Tutors (including Private Tutors working in schools). If in doubt, please call us to ask.

How do I apply for the Tuition Discount?

To apply for your tuition discount, please click on ‘Online Application’ Online Application to launch the interactive form, which once completed online will be submitted as an application to Essex Music Services.

For further information regarding vouchers please contact Essex Music Services directly: or telephone 0333 0321351 or to apply online HERE.

Endangered Species Scholarships

Pathway 1 – County Music Groups

In addition to the standard Ensembles Bursary Voucher, Essex Music Services can offer up to 15 Instrumental Scholarships and 10 Choral Scholarships. In 2017-18, endangered youth orchestra instruments are:

  • Double Bass
  • Bassoon
  • Viola

This will allow gifted young people who sing or play an endangered species instruments to apply for financial assistance to join the orchestras and choirs.  These scholarships (unlike the Ensembles Bursary) will not be means tested but if demand is greater than the number of awards available, awards will be allocated according to orchestral or choral need. Please note that orchestral need is assessed annually and instruments on the list can change annually because of this. Scholarships are worth 66% of county ensemble course and tour fees.  An Essex Youth Orchestra owned instrument might be available on a free loan for instruments such as Tuba but this is dependent on instrument availability, please enquire is this is of interest to you.

Pathway 2 – County Music Schools

To support the learning of Endangered Species instruments in our music schools, we now offer a limited amount of scholarships to encourage young people to take up an unusual instrument.  This scholarship can include:

  • A Music School tuition voucher to be used towards a 121 lesson at a music school worth approximately £240 per year
  • Free loan of an instrument (dependant on availability)

Your child will be expected to join county ensembles as soon as the teacher recommends that they are of an appropriate standard.  They will automatically get the endangered species reduction of 66% off for any county ensembles they attend.

If the child fails to attend a course, the music school or fails to make consistent progress, the scholarship and instrument will be withdrawn.

Please note that this scholarship scheme is not offered in conjunction with the Instrument Hire Scheme or in conjunction with in-school peripatetic lessons,  It can only be used towards the cost of County Music groups or towards lessons in County Music Schools.

To apply for either County ensembles and / or County music school endangered award, instead of uploading proof of household income, please upload a letter to support your application to tell us why the Scholarship is essential for the child to attend Ensembles activities and/or takes lessons on an instrument.  Please note that we will accept a letter from the Parent or Guardian, Teacher-in-Charge of a Music School or Instrumental Teacher.  Apply online HERE.