Instrumental and Choral Bursaries

Essex Music Service provides a limited number of instrumental and choral bursaries per academic year, for membership of County Music Groups OR activities at EMS-run Community Music Centres.

For membership of County Music Groups including attendance at workshops, courses and tours.

Discount applied to fees is based on 1 x Community Music Centre lesson package (these typically include theory and aural classes, ensembles and choirs as well as individual instrumental and vocal tuition).

Essex Music Service can offer up to:

  • 15 Instrumental Bursaries (for Endangered Species instruments)
  • 10 Choral Bursaries

Endangered Species Instruments (for new applicants)

Bassoon, Double Bass, Viola

This will allow gifted young people who sing or play an Endangered Species instrument to apply for financial assistance to join the orchestras and choirs.  These specific bursaries (unlike the standard bursary) will not be means tested, but if demand is greater than the number of awards available, awards will be allocated according to orchestral or choral need following an audition process.  Bursaries are worth 66% of fees.

To apply, instead of uploading proof of household income, please upload a letter in support of your application to tell us why the Bursary is essential for the child or young person to be able to attend County Music Groups or a Community Music Centre. Note that we will accept a letter from the Parent/Guardian, Music Centre Teacher-in-Charge or the student’s own Instrumental Music Teacher.