After years of rumour and speculation, a new model music curriculum for Key Stages 1-3 was launched on Friday 26th March 2021.

View the press release from the Department of Education.

It is the first non-core subject to have a model curriculum written to support teachers in the delivery of the subject.  There have been no changes made to the National Curriculum for music and this document is intended to expand on the NC giving teachers a practical understanding of how progression in music could be achieved.

Over the coming months, Essex Music Hub will be delving into the model curriculum and looking for ways to keep Essex music teachers informed and confident to deliver music in their schools.  We will be delivering CPD sessions on some of the detail of the plan and looking for ways to support schools to develop music provision and use music to drive whole school improvement.

There will be opportunities to discuss the model curriculum the Primary Music Teachers Network meeting on Thursday 23rd  April, 3.45pm-4.45pm  and also at future Secondary School quadrant meetings.