Instrumental Learning CPD Programme

Glock, keyboard, violin, recorder

Invest in a whole-class instrumental programme for your school with support from experts at Essex Music Service along the way. Choose the level of support that works for your staff and pupils to ensure that your staff have the support needed to deliver high-quality music lessons to pupils.

This CPD can used as a side-by-side approach to delivering your whole class instrumental tuition with targeted staff in your school or in conjunction with provision from Essex Music Service tutors through the Play-It! scheme. 

Timeline for engaging in the programme

A large amount of the training content is provided as guidance through online resources. This enables teaching staff to access this content at a time right for them during the week, and also for schools to start this programme at the correct term for their context.

Support on offer

Charanga – Online Instrumental Resources

  • As part of the Charanga curriculum resource, teachers can use the vast instrumental resources on offer flexibly to suit their teaching style and the needs of pupils

Progressive outline planning

  • In collaboration with charanga, 10-week blocks with links to resources on the Charanga platform

Online reflection session once a term

  • Open to all and music tutors. Instrument specific breakout sessions, led by tutors

In-person CPD session

  • Each term will launch with an in-person CPD session.
  • They key moments of these session will be recorded so that you can access them again.

CPD videos

  • Bite-sized CPD videos exploring the different areas of Whole Class Instrumental Tuition

Tutor support

  • Advice from experts in the instrument your school are delivering

Live performance event

  • An opportunity for your students to perform with other young people, bringing their learning to life


The cost of the programme would depend on the level of engagement of the school. Charges might be made for:

  • Instrument hire
  • Tutor support sessions
  • Access to Charanga and associated resources

Conditions of programme

  • Completion of evaluation, including numbers of participation
  • School are responsible for instruments when they are in school
  • A named contact in school for all correspondence to go through
  • SLT and budget holder approval for any activity that is chargeable for

Benefits of programme

  • Instruments can be accessed by multiple year groups across the year and will remain with the school for the duration of the agreement
  • Access to expert support and a developing network of reflective practise
  • Skills built up within school staff so that instrumental skills are developed in school, allowing it to be integrated into the curriculum
  • Pupils have transferrable instrumental skills that they can use to progress on their chosen musical pathway

CPD sessions will include

  • Musicianship
  • Appropriate use of notation
  • Improvisation and composition
  • Instrument specific session, led by tutors
  • Conditions for success in WCIT
  • Supporting all students to access learning
  • Adapting planning for different abilities
  • Challenging more able musicians
  • Storage and care of instruments
  • Progression routes
  • Vocal development for instrumental learning – combining voices and instruments

Lesson planning

Outlining lessons in suggested 10-week progressive blocks for each term of the year will be shared via the Charanga platform. These outlines will only be a suggestion allowing teachers to move through the material at a pace that is relevant to pupils.

Possible Pathways

1) For staff who are competent on instruments, possible programme support includes:

  • Hire of instruments
  • Use of Charanga
  • Online network sessions
  • Live experience

2) For staff who are competent music teachers with instrument specific support needed, possible programme support includes:

  • Hire of instruments
  • Use of Charanga
  • Tutor visits in school for instrument specific support
  • Online network sessions
  • Live experience

3) For staff who are competent musicians with no experience of whole class tuition (not a trained teacher but working in school), possible programme support includes:

  • Hire of instruments
  • Use of Charanga
  • CPD sessions
  • Online network sessions
  • Live experience

4) For staff who are class teachers without music experience, possible programme support includes:

  • Hire of instruments
  • Use of Charanga
  • CPD sessions
  • Tutor visits in school for instrument specific support
  • Online network sessions
  • Live experience

Support to access instruments

Access to quality instruments is essential to a strong music curriculum, and we want to support you to have access to what your pupils need ensuring the best use of school and music hub resources.

Hire a set of instruments

We can provide your school with a set of instruments to use for the duration of any learning programme. Hire costs are calculated on a termly basis and there is a small additional cost for delivery and collection.

For more information or to book a conversation about implementing this in your school, please contact