How Lemzi’s Rap workshops help include everyone in music at school

“The main priority, before teaching them specific rapping techniques or immersing them in any kind of music, is to get them to realise they have unlimited potential”

Alex Lemom, aka Lemzi, is a Rapper/MC from Leytonstone, London, whose workshops at Burnt Mill Academy in Essex have helped pupils whose musical interests were a little more contemporary than the curriculum sometimes provides for, to write and develop a love of performing.

We spoke to Lemzi about his experience of delivering a different kind of music tuition in schools, through his Wealth Esteem programme. We also looked at his career journey from a University of Manchester Law and Criminology Graduate, to an artist with Spotify club nights and a solo album released earlier in 2018.

How did your relationship with Burnt Mill Academy come about?

“I joined Essex Music Service towards the beginning of the year, following a small demand for Rap tutors in the county. Almost as soon as I was signed to Essex Music Service, Burnt Mill Academy expressed an interest.

I started with 2 year 9 students in January – who are now year 10 students, this grew into a group of 12-15 students. It’s been really great development.”


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