Essex Music Hub partnered with MyBand and provided a fantastic Song Writing, Playing, Performing, Recording 2-day Holiday Course for 20 students. 

Drums, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Sax, Cello, Trumpet –  ALL instruments were welcome.

Hear from one student …

“There’s a lot of things I enjoyed about the course, but I think the main things to address is how everyone works brilliantly together and how much you can improve as a musician/performer. Because it is one thing to practise a few Metallica songs and scales in your home, but it’s a completely different thing to write 1 or 2 songs and perform multiple covers all in 2 days (and to mention the venue’s pretty cool as well!)

I would say what Marcel does best is take everyone’s strengths and forms it together to create something incredible. He picks a song which some people like and some don’t and by the end we have made it our own cover and everyone actually really likes it. I think the sign of a good instructor is that by the end you have brought out a side of you that you never thought existed. Plus he and everyone else are very easy to get along with.

I could go on forever about the course but I think to conclude I would say that I would definitely recommend it to any musician. It doesn’t matter what instrument you play/or what genre you sing I think anyone who is anyone will really enjoy it.”

Hear from a parent of a student ….

“I feel the need to write and say an enormous thank you. What you and James managed to achieve with a group of young people was amazing. They were engaged, excited and above all happy. You must be very proud of what you are achieving.

My daughters are ten and twelve. They have never been to stage school or had the opportunity to compose, record and then perform; they are still buzzing and so are we. They have learnt music and been part of a church choir but this was something else. Their Nan cried and we really were amazed by what you managed to bring out in them. We hardly recognised our eldest daughter – normally very quiet. As a headteacher I am very sorry that I have never heard of your work before and will be sure to recommend your events in future. Thank you for all you do for young people and music”.

Hear from all students …