Essex Music Hub partnered with MyBand and provided a fantastic Song Writing, Playing, Performing, Recording 2-day Holiday Course for 22 students. Drums, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Sax, Cello, Trumpet –  all musicians were welcome.

The MyBand at Becket Keys C of E School MyBand course in February 2020 half-term week had a good mix of established and new students. For some, this was their first experience of being in a band situation. Whilst the Ski Sixteen and a half, are now a pretty experienced band and have honed their writing process. The course is all the richer for new students being able to observe the more experienced, and being inspired. It was lovely to have that sort of feedback from some parents. We covered the Rolling Stones classic ‘Miss You’ and the Kinks ‘You Really Got Me’ It was a packed performance, and a lot of fun.

Hear the music the groups made on this MyBand link

Hear from parents of students who took part at the course.

“I just wanted to say that Henry really enjoyed his course.  He was one of the least able musicians but he was really inspired by the other musicians and never made to feel he didn’t belong there.  He has very little confidence so I can’t actually believe that he stood up in front of all those people and played an instrument.  What a huge step for him even after just 2 days. Thank you again.”

“Max had such a great time at Myband and I wanted to express my thanks. It’s really quite remarkable what those children achieved in just two days and it’s definitely inspired Max to do more.  He’s finally got the chance to see what else he can do with his talent rather than just moving from one piano grade to another and doing nothing in between”.

The course was kindly hosted by Becket Keys Secondary School in Brentwood on 19 and 20 February 2020.

Pictured are the group photo of all 22 young musicians who took part in the course.