If you have Looked After Children (LAC) or Post Looked After Children (PLAC) in your school, thanks to the Virtual School we have additional funding available to support them with musical development.

The funding available can deliver a free music provision to a specific LAC or PLAC individually, or you may find it more appropriate and inclusive to deliver a group or whole class activity that involves the LAC or PLAC. It may be possible to deliver provision online at this time, depending on the need of your setting.

These are just a few possible options. We would love to hear your ideas for what we can offer to support your students. Provision is flexible but it might look like:

Early Years

  • Regular music sessions with a visiting tutor.
  • Building school readiness and musical development for children while providing hands on CPD for EY practitioners
  • A fun percussion workshop


  • 15 minutes of free 1-to-1 music tuition per week for 10 weeks each term
  • An instrumental taster session
  • Drum-It! workshop day- a world music workshop focusing on African or Samba drumming
  • Rap-It! workshop
  • A lunchtime or after school club e.g. choir or rock band club (for a limited time period)


  • 15 minutes of free 1-to-1 music tuition per week for 10 weeks each term
  • Free or subsidised group music tuition
  • Rap-It! workshop day that can focus on literacy and songwriting, or mental wellbeing and resilience
  • Regular 1-to-1 music technology session with vulnerable individuals or small groups


  • 15 minutes of free 1-to-1 music tuition per week for 10 weeks each term
  • Drum-It! – a Samba drumming workshop
  • Regular music making sessions dependant on your learner’s needs (for a limited time period)

With a workforce of close to 300 music tutors comprising a wide range of specialisms including singing, music technology, woodwind, brass, guitars, bands, songwriting and rap, we are happy to be highly flexible and work with you to best meet your student’s musical needs.

This LAC and PLAC music provision covered by funding from the Virtual School is absolutely free subject to completion of the relevant feedback forms.

Please drop us an email at to discuss how we can help. The money is specifically for the 2020-2021 academic year so get in touch soon!