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Date and time
  • Fri 19 January 2024 / 9:00am - 3:30pm
Price FREE - TBC
Venue Essex Records Office, Wharf Road, Chelmsford CM2 6YT

What does teaching musically look like?

A practical guide to quality first teaching and learning in music and developing Listening Skills, Instrumental and Vocal Techniques, Improvisation and Composition and Delivering Yustudio.  An overview of Progression, Assessment, and key Documentation.  A fun, practical day of music-making

Charanga Musical School is the most significant new Primary music resource for a decade.

Embedding music across all areas of school life. A chance to look at resources that enhance the Scheme and provide further music experiences for every learner. We look at materials to encourage deeper learning, music as a way to support other subject areas, and opportunities for whole-school projects.

This free online Twilight CPD session is an opportunity to experience the benefits of Charanga who have access to our E-Learning package, and for those who might be interested in signing up.