Calling all string players!

Essex Youth String Programme

In Essex there are progressive opportunities for you as a string player, from beginners to grade 8 with a wide range of string ensembles for you to choose from according to your age and ability.

Why join us?

  • You will receive expert, enthusiastic coaching and guidance from excellent conductors and tutors.
  • Players also learn from each other, sharing talents and skills
  • Lifelong friendships are common in music and provide the basis for a musical life ahead with a huge variety of activities whether you have chosen music as a career or a hobby.
  • The benefits of music making are also extensive and include some unique physical and mental development

The string programme includes:

  • Termly Workshops with a showcase for those up to grade 5
  • Young Essex Strings and Contemporary Strings – String Orchestras that rehearse monthly – for all abilities with a concert in the summer
  • Essex Young People’s Orchestra offering 3 courses/concerts per year during the main school holidays, grade 4 and above
  • Essex Youth Orchestra offering 2 residential courses, an overseas summer tour plus concerts in the main school holidays, grade 7 and above

Register on line for Young Essex Strings and Contemporary Strings using the link below: