Our Community, brick by brick

An Essex Song Writing Project

We are inviting all Essex schools to take part in a song writing competition with the theme of ‘Our Community, brick by brick’.

Pupils in year 5 – year 11 (ages 9-16) will be supported to create their own song using ‘YuStudio’ on the Charanga platform.  Songs can be built using existing loops, completely from scratch or a combination of the two.  Pupils can add lyrics or create an instrumental track in any style.

You and your pupils will be guided through the process through support from Kristian Parkes and Max Wheeler.

All online sessions will be held via this link:  https://whereby.com/yustudio

Timeline of activity:


Teacher CPD session Monday 15th January – 4-5pm



  • Explain project outcomes and timelines
  • Explore the resources
  • Look at some ways that the project could be delivered
Live Webinar launch in school Friday 26th January 9-9.20am

This will be available as a recording after the event

Begin writing songs in school 15th January – 13th March
Host in school competition to decide 3 entries to be sent to forward to the Grand Final Each school can submit up to 3 entries

Send 3 school winners to Kristian


Wednesday 13th March


Final webinar, winners announced Wednesday 27th March, 2.30-2.55pm

This will be available as a recording after the event

Charanga and Essex Music Service will:

  • Provide materials for song writing on the online platform ‘YuStudio’ which is part of the Charanga package at both primary and secondary levels
  • Many schools are signed up to the package but Charanga offer a 30 day trial to schools who are not, so all schools in Essex can access the material
  • Judge the shortlisted pieces sent in by schools
  • Host 2 school-facing webinars to launch and conclude the project (will be available as a recording after the event)
  • Host an online teacher CPD session

Schools will:

  • Engage with the project with as many pupils as they wish
  • Hold an in-school competition to provide up to 3 songs to progress to the final
  • Allow any of the created to songs to be shared by Essex Music and Essex Music Service and Charanga

There will be prizes for the winning entries at KS2 and KS3/4 with the opportunity to record your song either in school with a professional sound artist or in a studio.

Complete this short Microsoft form to register your interest and join us for the teacher CPD webinar on 15th January.