We are excited to launch our crowdfunding debut this week! 

In partnership with Colchester Townhouse Sessions, we are running a fundraising campaign to support the fantastic work they do in championing Youth Music and enabling young people to perform.  It provides an important safe and creative space for young people to perform and we’re supporting Townhouse Sessions to become more sustainable and grow their audience across Colchester.

Volunteers, supported by the Youth Service, have been running a popular live music session on a Wednesday evening at the Colchester Townhouse, however volunteers have varying levels of music expertise and use borrowed equipment.

Townhouse Sessions now want to buy a set of music and studio equipment to store on-site providing access to professional level equipment to inspire young people, transform their music experience and encourage more young people to engage with this opportunity. We are supporting the project financially and by providing masterclass sessions delivered by our tutors in technical set up, running open mic nights, songwriting and using music technology.

You can help too!  Visit www.spacehive.com/townhouse to like and follow our page for regular updates or make a pledge.

Your pledge money will only be taken if the fundraising target of £5,818 is reached by 28 November 2019 and you will be asked to set up a one-off direct debit. Please be assured your money will only be taken once. We also welcome support in other ways – you can tell people about the campaign, volunteer some time, share our page online.