5 Live

We are currently wading our way through the waiting list for our Wind Quintet, 5Live. Please be patient!  It will be worth the wait.

5live is a Wind Quintet whose aim is to introduce  school children to traditional woodwind instruments through a 45-minute performance. 

The wind quintet recently visited The Down Primary School in Harlow and we have recently received some astonishing accolades from the children.

Here are just a few from the Assembly performance …. “I was speechless when I heard them play.” 

“We learned about different styles of music.”

Saw different instruments. Some we knew, some we didn’t.”

“I liked it when they played Mamma Mia because it brought back memories.”

Here are some following the instrument zoo … “We played instruments we have never played before.” “I’ve never played the flute before. I really liked it”.

To find out more about the 5Live experience, please click here