Following on from previous years’ successes, Essex Music Services were delighted to fund the Tendring Vocal Celebration 2018.

This year the theme was A Journey Through the Musicals with two nights of concerts at the Princes Theatre Clacton on 21 and 22 March 2018.

Nine school in the Tendring area took part this year in its Vocal Celebration.  Each night the children performed beautifully and with such enthusiam to packed audiences.  Kristian Parkes ran the in-school workshops and conducted all of the schools choirs at the two performances.

Pictured above is the choir from Mistley Norman School in Manningtree with Kristian Parkes at the back.

Comments from some parents of children at Mistley Norman School

“It was a fantastic event…I was so proud of ourschool and thank you Mr Parkes for giving the children of Tendring this opportunity. Poppy absolutely loved it and was so excited about being involved.”Lisa Barwick

“All the children were awesome. They gave me goosebumps. Super proud of them all.” Di Donnelly