Young People have felt the effects of a third Lockdown this Spring but we are happy to report that our peripatetic lessons have been thriving as over 6,000 more lessons moved swiftly over to online delivery.

Keeping this musical learning going through such challenging times has helped young people remain positive; increasing feelings of well-being and helping them remain focussed on their learning.

“My children are in awe of their new teachers. They are truly inspirational.” (parent)

“The lessons have been invaluable and I never expected them to be such a positive experience for our son.  He has really loved the lessons with Barbara – she is really, really positive and engaging. Delighted that we had this opportunity.” (parent)

At Music Services, we are able to offer 1-to-1 lessons on all instruments from Violin to Trombone to Electric Guitar and also offer group classes in Musicianship (Theory and Aural), Music Tech and a Mega Choir.

The Mega choir is offered free to anyone who is also having 1-2-1 lessons online.  The Mega Choir are currently meeting on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings to rehearse their parts for virtual performances.  Musicianship classes have been very popular online and at just £2 per week, the sessions are very good value for money.  It is important to keep the theory of music going when learning an instrument as it helps increase the rate of progress and understanding:

“Songwriting and musicianship workshops went down a storm. They had the first ones today – all very impressed!” (parent)

Read more about online opportunities and sign your child up for lessons for the Spring Term and/or Summer Term.

Don’t forget that we offer large reductions for families on a low income or with looked after Children.